Bronze Winner 2022 – Art Space - Architecture Collection
Bronze Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Art Space

Apartment Medium Interior Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Rob Ryan


Rob Ryan Projects

Design Team:

Rob Ryan


Nicole England


Our brief was to create a generous contemporary home for a family of five with three teenagers. Our challenge was to create an interior that is an expression of contemporary living. We designed the ‘Art Space’ as a warm and inviting residence and one that can boldly showcase an extensive collection of contemporary Australian art. Our exploration, looked to bring to fruition a considered and distinct space that worked both as a home and a generous space for a much-treasured art collection.

Rob Ryan Projects

The opportunity to fulfill the brief for the Art Space apartment was a way to find individual expression and showcase a curated interior within a boutique apartment development. The design intervention occurred right from planning to ensure that spatial and design elements worked together. We optimised the footprint of the space, creating a four-bedroom apartment with both functional and aesthetic considerations creating ample spaces and transitions to make the home feel spacious and comfortable.

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