Gold Winner 2022 – Zhangjiagang Koi Garden Residence - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Zhangjiagang Koi Garden Residence

Apartment Large Interior Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:



Shanghai Yicaidesign Co., Ltd.




There is a 130 sqm residential model house, designed for real estate developers to show and sell their dwelling. In this design case, the designer has enormously optimized the room type adjectives to make it more practical, and the living room, and the kitchen dining room has removed some spacing walls so that the space is more open. In line with the local cultural customs, we made this model room into a modern Chinese style, where modern Chinese meets modern, using a large area of white and light gray in the use of color, with Chinese red to show the oriental mood more well. Modern materials had used as the principal axis, and shadow wood veneer and gray marble floor will be derived from the space, leading to a visually smooth effect. The design breaks through the simple portrayal of life and conceals delicate emotions and simple art in the richness of daily life. The background wall of the master bedroom had covered with Chinese flower and bird wallpaper, and the wall and furniture are full of oriental style without losing the sense of modernity. The wall and furniture are full of oriental style without losing the modern sensation. It looks more decorative and elegant, outlining a landscape that is both ancient and modern. The designer does not want to stick to the traditional Chinese design but wants to show the Chinese style in some places with more modern methods. We hope to make the best interpretation of the simple Chinese style for this case.

Shanghai Yicaidesign Co., Ltd.

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