Gold Winner 2022 – The Showroom - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

The Showroom

Restaurants & Bars Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:



Edoardo Petri Architect


Pietro Ansaldi


The Concept of the Bar was born as an extension of the ground floor space used as a Show-room of imported Italian furniture and develops on the second floor over an area of 270 square meters in the heart of Shanghai. The first Design – Sexy – Art Bar in Shanghai born from the desire to export Italian Life Style. The cocktail bar space is a secret place and is accessed via a staircase hidden behind a curtain positioned inside the Showroom itself. Show-room during the day, cocktail bar at night. Hence the name “The Showroom” Italian architect, Italian supplies and Italian style make it an irresistible mix thanks to the attention to every detail. The upper floor immediately immerses you in a new visual and emotional experience. A succession of hidden rooms and private rooms tell a defined theme inspired by wallpaper where seduction, provocation and irony are the design theme. Walking through the rooms you enter totally different imaginary worlds that inspire different sensations to those who walk through them or to those who stop there in a precise sequence. The conclusion or the beginning of everything is the bar room made of total black steel where it is the light that transmits color and not the furnishings as in the other rooms. Leaving reality and plunging into another dimension has always been a founding theme of mine in my projects. High-value designer furnishings ”complete this experience. It’s like stepping into a Fellini film in which you play your fictional role. Eclectic furniture with different shapes, fabrics and colors cleverly arranged create a unique atmosphere in “The showroom”. Each customer is attracted to the room that represents him and that arouses personal emotions or new suggestions in him. The Wall papers evoke pop provocations and suggestions, creating ambiguities that ironize the complexity of today’s society, showing a new exploration of the world of art. Want to sit on a design armchair and sip an excellent and aesthetically perfect drink, I think it’s an experience in search of beauty. I hope my clients can understand and embrace this concept by indulging in this new dimension. Here luxury and pure design. There are no compromises. The challenge was to create the most intriguing and sexy cocktail bar in Shanghai in perfect Italian style. Customers must perceive and be stimulated by the high creative content of the spaces. The signature cocktails increase and continue the design guidelines of the spaces and themed rooms: Princess room, Luxury Shit , Love Poison, Drunk Monkey, Jungle room and Red Ocean become individual and provocative stories like the drinks served. The result of the project consists of 7 rooms dedicated to a theme similar to private living rooms. The wall papers of the “Toilette paper” company inserted on the walls reflect our emotions by provoking our senses in a spatial and visual story. The colors and perfect combinations with the fabrics and supplies of the “Gervasoni” brand wisely chosen by the architect create perfect atmospheres.

Edoardo Petri Architect

Edoardo Petri Architect was born in Italy on 06.06.1974. He graduated with honors from the University of Architecture in Venice in 2003 with Prof. Alberto Cecchetto. Sensitive and attentive, during his studies he undertakes an intense research activity on spatial continuity, understood as a flow of events, in search of a balance and freedom between space, form and function, subsequently determining the aesthetic and qualitative value of his works. His studio, opened in Italy and China-Shanghai.

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