Gold Winner 2022 – QOR360 Ariel - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

QOR360 Ariel

Office Furniture Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Dr. Turner Osler & Alexis Osler



Design Team:

Dr. Turner Osler – CEO & Co-Founder Alexis Osler – COO & Co-Founder


Brightwell Photography


United States
The Ariel 2.0 is QOR360’s latest addition to its collection of active sitting solutions. Designed by a former trauma surgeon and epidemiologist with the goal of changing the way the world sits, reducing back pain, and improving posture, the QOR360 is centered around the patented RedRocker™️Technology. This new geometric solid, designed by Dr. Turner Osler alongside bodywork experts, allows the person sitting to move in a 360 degree motion. This encourages the individual to balance, focus, and engage their core. Not only does the Ariel 2.0 incorporate this technology, but it also builds upon the success of the award-winning Ariel 1.0, while taking into account customer feedback on over 8,000 chairs. The result is a wider and slightly softer seat, with slightly less “tip” in the sitting experience. The chair’s small footprint makes it a great choice for the home office, replacing the typical large arm chairs, and the simple color options of black and red performance leather and grey canvas are sleek enough to fit anyone’s decor.


After 30 years as a surgeon at the University of Vermont’s trauma center, Dr. Osler left the operating room and began a career as a research epidemiologist. This switch required hours of sitting at a computer, and despite trying a dozen different chairs, sitting all day caused him unrelenting back pain. He set out to solve this problem. We can’t easily change how much we sit, so the challenge is to change how we sit. That is at the center of QOR360’s mission. To change the way the world sits.

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