Gold Winner 2022 – IWC Manufacturing Center - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

IWC Manufacturing Center

Industrial Architecture Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

ATP architekten ingenieure Zürich


ATP architects engineers

Design Team:

IWC Schaffhausen, Branch of Richemont International SA


Adrian Bretscher/Getty Images, Thomas Jantscher
Task IWC Schaffhausen has grown rapidly in recent years. This gave rise to the idea of uniting the manufacture of casings, working parts and manufacture movements in a new factory and combining the traditional watchmak-ing craft with the latest manufacturing methods and technologies. In addition to optimal conditions for pro-duction and excellent working conditions for employees, the new manufacturing centre should also offer an unforgettable experience for visitors. Another important requirement for the new building was that it should express the spirit of the IWC brand and architecturally embody the five brand values – Engineered, Confident, Imaginative, Active, Responsible. Concept The centre was designed as a flexible open-plan facility and the production layout is organised in logical steps from the raw material to the finished casing or clock mechanism (Engineered). The classic modernist style, inspired by expo pavilions in which the greatest achievements in technology, craftwork and art where exhibited, is an excellent match for IWC: we are a fresh brand with a 150-year history that looks proudly and confidently ahead (Imaginative, Active, Confident). Aspects of sustainability, from solar panels to groundwa-ter wells for heating and cooling, were also central elements that promote a responsible production (Respon-sible). Implementation The manufacturing centre was realised as a plinth structure with glass panes and overhanging canopies. Thanks to the automatic shading system and the mathematically calculated minimalist implementation of the canopies, a space is created that can be used flexibly and which has plenty of daylight, but which never blinds. Glass surfaces with black profiles and white canopies create a colour contrast such as can be found on many IWC dials. The wooden core of the building and warm stone floors convey a feeling of warmth and luxury. The warm heart of the factory creates space for inventions and innovations. It is encased by the cool, almost laboratory-like atmosphere in the production rooms. Added value Both employees and visitors feel the spirit of IWC as soon as they enter the manufacturing centre. In order to promote teamwork, special shop floor areas were set up in production for discussing goals or quality re-quirements. The architecture thus contributes to faster communication flows and better processes. In the light-flooded production areas, visitors can experience the production of the manufacture movements and casings up close. The new manufacturing centre offers the opportunity to experience the IWC brand in a completely new way with all your senses. This contributes to both the appreciation of the IWC brand and the understand-ing of mechanical watches. Sustainability The desire for precise elegance can also be seen in the fact that the complex technology on the roof is hardly visible. Large areas of the flat roof are occupied by a photovoltaic system, which supplies a large part of the energy required. The high energy requirement is further covered by heat recovery from air and water, as well as by using groundwater for cooling and heating purposes.

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