Gold Winner 2023 – Maison Rouge - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023

Maison Rouge

Residential Architecture

Architect / Designer:

Andrey Romanov, Ekaterina Kuznetsova


ADM Architects

Design Team:

Client: MR Group


Yaroslav Lukianchenko
The 10-story club house is located on Palikha Street in the Tverskoy district of Moscow. The name means “Red House” in French, and here it quite accurately reflects the essence of the building’s architectural look – clinker brick in terracotta and reddish shades is the main cladding material. Due to the interspersing of various tones, in different lighting the resulting volume of the building appears either brown, or more often pink. In plan view, the building has a rectangular shape approaching a square, and a block with these same proportions served as a basis for the grid that determined the appearance of the facades. The floors are separated by equal width bands (only the top level where the penthouses are located, and the lowest, which is the floor of the second story, are marked with wider bands). A special allure is given to these elements by the textured angled masonry, so the building’s look is constantly transformed depending on the angle and intensity of lighting. The role of verticals is realized by the space between windows, and their width increases on each facade from left to right, gradually revealing a gentle slope. Continuing this technique, the glass area of each subsequent window also becomes slightly narrower and rotates at an angle to the surface of the facade, creating the perception of a wave of sorts in the relief. The first floor, for its part, is almost completely glazed, creating the illusion that the building is growing directly from the surrounding pedestrian area (paved, aptly, with the same clinker bricks). The entrance is a triangular niche spanning the entire width of the facade: on the left it is formed by an extended bevel with relief brickwork and on the right, by a glass wall.

ADM Architects

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