Silver Winner 2023 – Maiya Dining Table - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Houzee Awards 2023

Maiya Dining Table

Furniture Design

Architect / Designer:

Emily Roose


Emily Roose Interiors

Design Team:

Furniture Designer: Emily Roose Table Built by: Colby St. Clair of PC Stone & Wood Design


Rob Retting


United States
Our interior design client requested a custom dining table for their new construction home so that they could comfortably seat their guests around. The home is a mountain modern style nestled high up in the hills overlooking the city and mountain views. This table was inspired by the mountain’s modern style with a blending of wood and metal materials. Throughout the home we used two versions of walnut, one in a light finish and the other in a dark finish. So, walnut was used for the wood for the table, and it is tied together with a strip of black metal that is inlaid down the center of the table. The metal strip runs the full length of the dining table and then runs underneath the top and down both legs. A rectangular base was used and positioned in the center so it would be easier to seat eight people comfortably around this eight-foot by 42” wide table. To make the base more interesting the center was designed to be opened to allow light to flow through and to make the table feel less massive and heavy. Also, by having the center of the base open it avoids knees from uncomfortably running into the base. Inside the cut out of the base all four sides are wrapped in black metal to tie into the black metal strip. All four sides on the top have beveled edges to soften the appearance of the top and to give it more of an elegant style. The end result is a custom designed dining table that seats eight comfortably, is sleek, modern, elegant, and adds a piece of functional art in the center of the house.

Emily Roose Interiors

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