Platinum Winner 2023 – Hidalgo - Architecture Collection
Platinum Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023


Lighting Design
Ambient & Mood Lighting

Architect / Designer:

Cezary Zadorożny



Design Team:





The Hidalgo design begins with the upper tube, providing a contemporary touch to the lamp. Deeper into the shade, we discover a semi-circular, open sphere, which lower part has been delicately finished with a frosted glass cover. This subtle glass surface adds finesse to the lamp and diffuses light, creating a pleasant, delicate visual effect. The final detail is another tube, attached from below, adding a decorative accent, as well as serving a practical purpose. The Hidalgo lamp features two independent light sources: the main, more powerful 14W LED provides intense lighting at a color temperature of ~2700K. The smaller 6W LED (~3000K), located in the lower tube, serves mainly a decorative function, giving the lamp its unique charm. WHAT SETS THIS PRODUCT APART? The design stands out with a unique combination of three key elements and a wide range of available colors, achieved through the use of powder-coated aluminum. This allows for practically limitless customization of the lamp. It is an excellent proposition for those who wish to create lighting that perfectly reflects their vision and seamlessly complements their interior decor. There is a possibility to choose 2 of 28 colours from powder coating pallete. It is also worth highlighting that the aluminum, cord and glass components come from regional suppliers, ensuring not only quality but also support for local businesses. Specification: Dimensions: Ø 15 cm, H 30 cm 2 independent light sources: 1x LED 6W, ~3000K, 444lm ; and 1x LED 14W ~2700K, 1610lm. (capability for double switch connection)


Loftlight is characterized by lighting designs made of light powder-coated aluminum available in 28 colors, and mass-colored concrete in 12 colors. All designs are created with the consistent style of the brand in mind; thanks to a specially selected color palette, all products create harmonious combinations. It should also be emphasized that all elements come from our regional suppliers, which ensures not only quality but also support for local entrepreneurs. Our commitment to supporting the local community and environmental care is an integral part of our philosophy.

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