Platinum Winner 2023 – Meshobase - Architecture Collection
Platinum Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023


Furniture Design
Outdoor & Patio Furniture

Architect / Designer:

Bhavin Swami (Principal Designer & Partner)


Tvastra Design LLP

Design Team:

Bhavin Swami (Principal Designer & Partner) Alpa Swami (Design Team Head & Partner)


Introduction ‘Meshobase’, the name of this offbeat set of chairs, found its origin in the base material, of course – mesh. While unconventional, the furniture doesn’t compromise on comfort. The mesh grid is small enough to stay flexible while also being a great tool. This piece challenges traditional design norms, offering more than just furniture—it’s a testament to innovation and sustainable craft skills. Conceptual The inception of “Meshobase” occurred during a visit to an architectural site where steel mesh work was going on. This encounter ignited a vision: create a chair that celebrates metal mesh’s beauty while pushing the boundaries of conventional furniture design. Design The metal mesh used isn’t just a material, it’s an artistic canvas. Carefully chosen for its strength, flexibility and aesthetics, each piece is a work of art with an intricate pattern that defines the chair character. Product Meshobase” is versatile and adaptable, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Its ability to fit seamlessly into any space and cater to individuals of all ages is remarkable. Additionally, its ergonomic design has made it a favored choice in the field of acupuncture, ensuring comfort and support during therapy sessions. Material Meshobase” is not merely a chair; it’s a visionary, hand-crafted creation. The concept is elegantly straightforward: construct a chair that encapsulates the grace and structural integrity of metal mesh. Aesthetics Beyond aesthetics, “Meshobase” excels in function. Making it a useful addition to your home. “Meshobase” is more than furniture; it’s a conversation starter. Its unique design sparks discussions about art, design, and innovation—an invitation to appreciate beauty in unexpected places. Conclusion: “Meshobase” redefines furniture design by capturing metal mesh’s beauty, engineering precision, and sustainable craft skills. It challenges norms, offering functional and aesthetically captivating furniture.

Tvastra Design LLP

Tvaṣṭṛ, meaning ‘Artisan God,’ reflects our creative essence. With two decades of industry expertise, ‘normal’ wasn’t satisfying. We launched Tvastra Design LLP to handcraft clever furniture, blending utility, aesthetics, functionality, and style. We create unique, enduring pieces. Our designs effortlessly impress and influence. Expect deeper meaning in our elegant furniture, each piece named in ancient Indian languages. About Us – Our designs captivate and impact. People and the planet lead our priorities. We craft from upcycled, recycled, or responsibly sourced materials, inspired by industrial waste. Unconventional designs await. Mission – With 20 years in design, we’re eco-conscious. Beyond production, we aim to extend product lifespans, reduce emissions, and minimize waste by recycling materials.

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