Silver Winner 2023 – Pure Tranquility - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023

Pure Tranquility

Interior Design
Domestic Interior Space Design

Architect / Designer:



Wholeness Design Inc.


The Pure Tranquility is situated by a tourist pier in a harbor city, where the scenic ocean view outside naturally serves as a beautiful backdrop. The designer avoided using excessive colors that might disrupt the visual experience. Sunlight is reflected off the abundance of white building materials, creating a bright space even without the need for artificial lighting. Based on the concept of a full-age house, the bright and serene living room and dining room are connected, symbolizing the wonderful moments of companionship between the homeowner and their children.

Wholeness Design Inc.

Our search for the best design solutions begins with the innermost qualities of a space.​ Reducing our environmental impact and maintaining a space’s natural character show our empathy and respect. We believe this is what a “healthy” design should be.​We wish to portray the truest feelings through our interior design, pass wonderful stories on to our clients, and create spaces that make people feel happy.​ We think spaces should be able to help people’s body and soul regain their original pureness.

We encourage designers and architects to share their best projects with the rest of the world so as to inspire the next generation and gain global recognition.