Silver Winner 2023 – Villa Flavia - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023

Villa Flavia

Renovation and Restoration

Architect / Designer:

Ivan Shterev


Architectural Design Studio ltd.

Design Team:

Structural engineers: dipl. eng. Boris Aleksiev, dipl. eng. Tencho Terziev Consulting architect on historical matters: arch. Galya Krasteva Archaelogist: Maya Martinova Master Restorer ancient thermes: Nikola Stoyanov WSS: dipl.eng. Tatyana Shtereva, dipl. eng. Kostadin Gorev


Ventsislav Kutinkov


The plot is situated in the city’s Architectural and Historical Reserve of Ancient Plovdiv looking towards one of the most iconic streets of the city of Plovdiv – Otec Paisii str. A street which annually houses many festivals and cultural events shred all over its longitude. Priority is the harmony of the building with its surroundings and preserving the authenticity of the area’s atmosphere. The building has the potential to revive the long-gone idea of a glamour and thus to righteously position itself in the historical center of Europe’s cultural capital. Villa Flavia brings its modern functionality and technological innovations with high respect to the history of the surrounding area. A place where past and present meet right in the heart of a thousand years old city. A building wrapped in the spirit of the art nouveau style and reviving the notion of a past century and vision of the old Plovdiv cityscape. You can reach the main entrance through a covered passage, which also leads you to an intimate city house backyard, covered in stone and history. The hotel part consists of four above ground stories, each with a rural design and atmosphere until the visitor reaches its final floor – the roof terrace, which gives an unforgettable view of the old town of Plovdiv, situated between Djambaz and Taksim hills. Villa Flavia has two elegant boutiques on ground level, accessible directly from the street with no connection to the rest of the building, but in total harmony with the facades atmosphere. The true soul of the building lies deep beneath it, where excavations of an ancient roman thermal bath are revealed and preserved. The archaeology brings to every visitor a glimpse of the old roman builder’s secret technologies and a nowhere near to be found relaxing atmosphere while walking around the empires thermаl baths. This antique micro world is visibly connected through a glass floor on ground level. You can see a glimpse of it before reaching the underground level. The whole archaeology is well equipped with effective lighting and professional sound system to ensure a well-used historical space for small gatherings. The materials used are oak wood for the glazing, granite orthogonal shaped stones with horizontal lining. Fluted pilasters on the east and west facades gives a symmetrical notion of the building as well as a tall scale. Horizontal ornaments divide the building in a different manner than the floors do. On the last floor the west façade ends with French glazing’s with arches, which is somehow a personal lodge for the rooms. All railings are the exact same replica of the original one found on site. The east façade is more minimalistic in design with its two component glazing profiles with anthracite aluminum on the exterior and oak on the interior. Villa Flavia follows the spirit and the authentic atmosphere surrounding it. Designed and built with love for our city and with reverence to its history and heritage.

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