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Deep Root

by SimpleUtmost Design


Gold Winner

Apartment Medium Interior Design Built

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: CHIEN YU LIU
Studio: SimpleUtmost Design
Design Team: CHIEN YU LIU
Country: Taiwan
Copyright: SimpleUtmost Design


Rearrange the layout to realize a relaxed and spacious reception and gathering space, a multi-functional kitchen with Asian kitchen culture and four fully functional bedrooms, solving the original single-storey space limitation. The designer uses the conditional characteristics of the multi-storey building to maximize Make the best use of the available space and consider the functionality of future adjustments, bringing more meaningful pictures to the life of three generations. The natural lighting of the space is mainly used, and the deep low chroma is supplemented. According to the calm and low-key personality of the host and the hostess, the oak elements are used to string together all the spaces to inject the warm texture of solid wood, and the details are embellished with titanium-plated luster. The mix of materials and proportions are staggered to integrate the tastes and preferences of each occupant, creating a simple and restrained humanistic space. The public domain adopts the design method of boundary but not boundary, pushing open the solid wood sliding door, so that the living room and the dining and kitchen space are independent but closely connected. The master bedroom uses the multi-functional cabinet to create a smooth 8-shaped moving line, so that the host and the hostess will not interfere with each other, and the Z-shaped wall design is embedded into the cabinet to draw a partition with the boy’s room to create a spacious vision feel. The vertical distribution planning of the space takes into account the living conditions of each user, and balances the landscape and privacy through different window openings and wall arrangements. The separation of spatial moving lines but a smooth visual experience, so that the simple, elegant and quiet life scene can be perfectly reflected, is a major challenge for designers.

SimpleUtmost Design

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