A sewing machine suitable for people raising children by Kazushi Yamazaki, President, AXEYAMAZAKI - Architecture Collection

A sewing machine suitable for people raising children

by Kazushi Yamazaki, President, AXEYAMAZAKI


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Designer / Architect: Kazushi Yamazaki,President,AXEYAMAZAKI CO.,LTD.
Design Team: Toshiyuki Kaneto,AXEYAMAZAKI CO.,LTD.+Mai Ohmi,hers design inc.
Country: Japan


A sewing machine that focuses on the scene of child-rearing, which is often used by beginners. In an era where disposable items are the norm, I felt a sense of crisis when I felt that the opportunities for love and warmth that can be obtained by making things at home and having them made by you have decreased. 1. Easy operation with recipe videos that even beginners can understand how to use and how to make 2. It is compact enough to fit in a bookshelf, so you can use it whenever you want 3. The design makes you want to put it in your room and not put it away In order to destroy the concept that sewing machines are difficult, I was worried about how to make it “easy”, which was the biggest challenge. I thought it would be possible. It can be easily accessed with a QR code, and since the main unit does not have any functions, it has been realized without increasing the price. Finished in a matte black that makes you want to keep it. We also focused on a compact and lightweight size that makes it easy to put in and take out from a bookshelf. Equipped with a needle guard for peace of mind even with children. Stylish enough for couples to use. In order to solve the difficulty of the product characteristics, we have enhanced the video site that summarizes how to make and how to use it, making it easier to take on challenges. The operation has been narrowed down to simple functions so that beginners do not get lost. We have solved the problems of existing sewing machines, such as “difficult”, “troublesome to put in and take out”, and “obstructive”, and developed it with the concept of “easy”, “handy”, and “no storage”. Even beginners can easily challenge sewing machines. Since it matched the rapidly increasing demand for handmade masks, many media coverage and awards continued, and the response was such that the waiting time was up to 3 months due to the large number of orders. We updated the video to match the current trends and increased demand.Through sewing machines, we are working to solve social issues and create products and experiences that are useful to the world, aiming to have a sewing machine in every household.

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