GEMELLii Branding

by Maria Mauro Graphic Design


Gold Winner

Brand Identity

Professionals Category

Designer / Architect: Maria Mauro Graphic Design
Studio: Maria Mauro Graphic Design
Country: Germany


Premium beverage manufacturer GEMELLii’s logo designer, Maria Mauro accidentally added a second “i” to the brand name. When printed it became clear that she had just created a pair of genuine twins (Italian: gemelli). The perfect ingredient for the logo! And that’s exactly what the product relies upon: selected ingredients of the highest quality. With the corporate design in the premium style we implemented, we take up these fundamental factors. The memorable double-i serves not only as bedrock for the design pattern, but also represents the twin founders. The mirrored and scroll-dependent images on the website also pay tribute to the twin principle.

Maria Mauro Graphic Design

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