Gold Winner 2022 – Marshmallow Paper Seat - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Marshmallow Paper Seat

Furniture Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Yiran Li




United States
Paper is a common material that people use frequently in daily life. It is a sustainable material that is made with various fibers in different formats to fulfill our needs. I decided to make my own paper to create a fabric-like material to upholstery the core foam piece to achieve the design. Marshmallow is an experimental piece that combines handmade Kozo paper with the soft seating idea. Kozo is a cultivated plant that can be used for paper and cloth making. After applying the konnyaku layer, it becomes more durable to be the outside layer for people to sit on. This piece has an inner foam core, an interfacing layer, and a paper layer. In addition to that, it has four feet that are made with Mahogany to lift it up from the ground for cleaning purposes.

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