Silver Winner 2022 – un-holy (un-heilig) - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

un-holy (un-heilig)

Communication Design
Publications and Advertising
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Marc Philip Seidel


dreamis GmbH

Design Team:

Marc Philip Seidel, 1978 born in Davos, Switzerland, studied art history and communications in Zurich and art in Barcelona. Ph.D. in art history about wall and seiling paintings in the neo-styles and secession. MAS in Arts Management. Trainer for adult education (Swiss Federal Certificate, SVEB). Working experience of projects for national and international clients such as Montblanc, Davidoff. Founder and Art Director of the dreamis agency in Zürich since the year 2000. He works for several art collections and museums, has been lead over 50 book projects within the arts, belletristics, psychoanalysis and cultural history.


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On the occasion of the 15th. anniversary of the Eduard Spörri Foundation, an anniversary exhibition entitled “un-holy” (un-heilig) will open at the Museum Eduard Spörri in Wettingen, Switzerland (April 2nd – November 20th. 2022). Sculptural and graphic works of art from the 100 years will be shown. Figurative works by the artists Eduard Spörri, Walter Huser and Erwin Rehmann are supplemented with contemporary art. On two floors, figures of saints, tomb sketches and studies with a serious claim will be juxtaposed with the fresh and varied works of contemporary artists without moral sermons. «un-holy» shall challenge our notion of «holiness» and raises questions like: Who decides what holy is? Who, what is worth protecting and what is not? «Holy strawbag», «Good heavens!» “Heavenly God”… Every day we use exclamations of amazement, dismay or even joking expressions. Many people are sometimes unaware that we are using (un)holy words. However, less humor and irony is understood with sacred images and symbols than with the use of language: forbidden crosses in the classrooms or on the t-shirts, destroyed Buddha statues in Afghanistan or disregarded human rights and broken oaths by presidents … In the exhibition, the visitors are invited to get in a dialogue with the art works, their expectations, their imaginations. The play on words of the exhibition title “un-holy” is meant to invite, with a wink, a positive approach to a deaf subject and invite “at eye level” to appreciative mutual dialogue. The Board of Trustees, employees of the museum, exhibiting artists and selected people were enthusiastic, had to smile and found the maximum reduction to the nimbus with its shadow extremely apt, humorous and at the same time appreciative. The choice of the silver-metallic Blueback poster paper was particularly praised by the printers. With this effect, the Nimbus shines in sunlight and surprises. So the value-free question “What is still sacred to us?” is being visualized in the formally maximally minimized. The graphic design project hast recently been honored with the Graphis Design Gold Award in New York.

dreamis GmbH

dreamis GmbH is an owner-managed Zurich based agency. We’ve been creating content marketing and maintaining corporate identity for over 20 years. We develop corporate communications from idea generation to implementation. dreamis roots the brand by creating meaning through artistic and cultural instruments. Thus, we generate value and a unique selling proposition. We master content marketing with specific skills in the arts, art history, design, music, publishing, video, performance, combined with the entire on-/offline marketing mix atl/btl. Working out an authentic communications strategy, it attracts new clients and creates confidence towards your appreciated employees and key clients.

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