Gold Winner 2022 – CARBONETO Vase - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022


Product Design Built
Student Category

Architect / Designer:

Patrick Afornali


Studio Patrick Afornali

Design Team:

Product Designer Patrick Afornali


Camila Nemetz Kohler


The CARBONETO Vases collection was inspired by the way certain plants live in nature. The development and search for the functionality of the piece was carried out through biomimicry, recreating the natural habitat of epiphytic plants, also called air plants, which grow on other plants or objects. The design of the Vase assimilates a trunk where the plant fixes and develops itself, as it already does in nature. The lines, grooves and textures of the Vase help in the fixation of the roots of the plants. The CARBONETO Vases can be used outdoors, in covered or uncovered areas, balconies and even indoors, as it also has an irrigation water collection base, making it functional and possible to be used even on top of furnitures. The vase praises and elevates the plant, creating a minimalist and curious highlight for the whole piece. Different sizes make it an object adaptable to different types of environment and, even without plants, it is a different and decorative piece. The Carboneto Vase is manually made in wood lathe, using imbuia, a typical wood derived from Brazilian walnut trees. The metallic base is made in carbon steel and the water collection plate is made in spinning lathe, using recycled aluminum.

Studio Patrick Afornali

Graduated in Biology and is currently studying Design. He has been working as a Furniture Designer and Product Developer with an emphasis on functionality. He seeks to translate nature’s strategies and solutions into design through Biomimicry. In his creations there is always Tactile Design.

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