Silver Winner 2022 – Eric Tweedale Satdium - Architecture Collection
Silver Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Eric Tweedale Satdium

Sports Recreation Architecture Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Ivana Simkovic


dwp | design worldwide partnership

Design Team:

Ivana Simkovic, Tiziana Tovar Nino, Hugh Thomson and Carol leung


Brett Boardman


The design of the Eric Tweedale Stadium is driven by the stadium’s connection to the local environment and history of the Cumberland Plains. Located within Granville Park, once a widely forested area, its form and materiality responds to the site’s heritage and creates a connection to its current sporting environment. The Stadium extends beyond the traditional perception of the suburban grandstand, catering for Cumberland City Council’s diverse community while remaining sympathetic to the environment and setting within the Granville Park. Located on the western side of the park, the stadium is surrounded by an upgraded rugby pitch to the East and mature and richly coloured red and grey gumtrees to the West, separating it from the carpark and the street. A canteen and community multipurpose room open out to the viewing platform on the South-eastern corner of the building enabling multiple community activities to have an option for indoor/outdoor connection for versatile use of space. The Stadium also includes a grandstand for 760 spectators, change rooms, admin and first aid room, first-floor function space, commercial kitchen and outdoor viewing deck on level 1. The flexibility of design allows for different community and sports activities to unfold throughout the building. Function space on the upper floor has views to the east and west and allows for a variety of community events and wellbeing classes. Sustainable design was an important objective of the project and timber construction was key to achieving this. The goal was to demonstrate that this scale of building can be a highly sustainable development that is low carbon, low waste and highly energy efficient. The glulam roof cantilevers over eight meters over the seating, creating a simple yet impactful and beautiful form that also gives historical reference to the forest that once dominated the site. The stadium’s interiors create a bright and welcoming atmosphere for different groups and users to meet, work, exercise and socialise. The design of the interior’s palette is aimed at simplicity and a restrained look. Timber rafters and columns bring a warm and earthy glow and soften the interior palette, while raw polished blocks and precast concrete create an inclusive design inspired by the stadium’s connection to environment, history and heritage. Timber has also been proven to regulate humidity and surface temperature to create a comfortable interior environment and has impressive acoustic qualities. The use of a mass timber structure in the Stadium is the first use of glulam timber for this type of facility in Australia, representing an impressive achievement in timber engineering.

dwp | design worldwide partnership

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