Gold Winner 2022 – Well-being restrooms, the new standard - Architecture Collection
Gold Winner of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2022

Well-being restrooms, the new standard

Public Building Interior Design Built
Professional Category

Architect / Designer:

Carine Aussums/Ruud Belmans


WeWantMore studio Antwerp

Design Team:

Carine Aussums WeWantMore Ruud Belmans WeWantMore Jeroen van den Bogaert WeWantMore Marielle Romeijn ONE HUNDRED restrooms Micha Berg Culi Nova


Martin Mendez – we are HEROES!


The concept of ONE HUNDRED restrooms is grounded in the paradigm shift in the area of health and well-being. With this new concept we want to change the definition of a toilet break. We believe the restroom of the future is a place, a sanctuary, build around the principles of health and well-being. A place to relieve, refresh and reload. The ONE HUNDRED restrooms experience goes beyond clean toilets in high traffic areas, as it combines cutting-edge technology, design and service to create moments for better well-being. The logo combines the number one with an abstract representation of an exit to a moment of selfcare. The interior design evokes a zen feeling thanks to the curved shapes, wood textures, vertical garden and indirect lighting. In addition to permanent focus on hygiene (with non touch solutions and continuous cleaning), the facilities offer additional health and well-being services like: a self-check room , a shower room, a steam experience , an hydration station, a reload zone, free sampling, a smart urinal (measuring hydration levels), two female beauty-bars, a male grooming station, a spacious disabled room, and a family room with 2 toilets and a changing table for babies.

WeWantMore studio Antwerp

It was crucial for us to experience a zen feeling. We focused on the balance between innovative technologies, warm natural materials and durability. The vertical garden creates a sensation of being outdoors. The walls, of wood texture, combined with the soft and indirect lighting, the unique ONE HUNDRED ambient aroma and hertz 432 sounds, provide a sensation of relaxation and calmness. ONE HUNDRED restrooms works with suppliers that focus on sustainability and uses the latest hygienic no-touch technology that includes: Roca flush toilets, Tork contactless soap dispensers, Roca contactless faucets, no-touch lighting experience and innovative health technology.

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